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Summit Schedule

Day 1

Ellefson & Johnson

Summit Day 1 Kickoff

Janet Forbes

World Building with World Anvil

Janice Hardy

The Power of POV in Shaping Narrative

Savannah Gilbo

Use Your Genre to Unlock the Secrets of Story Structure

Megan Haskell

The Art and Impact of an Author Mission Statement

C.R. Rowenson

Magic Systems

Jill Lublin

Maximize Media Impact

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Day 2

Ellefson & Johnson

Summit Day 2 Kickoff

Emily Golden & Rachel May

Creating Evil Characters

Dakota Krout

Letting Others Write
in Your World

Amy Collins

Landing An Agent

Ray Brehm

How to Build an Optin Page in 20 Minutes

Morgana Best

Selling Direct Online

Day 2 Available in:

Day 3

Ellefson & Johnson

Summit Day 3 Kickoff

Jennifer Hilt

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Tropes

Randy Ellefson

Fantasy & Sci-Fi World Building

Cary Richards

Sell More Books with an Author Bundle

J. S. Arquin

Narrator Advice for Sci-Fi

Ben Wolf

Convention Sales for Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Mal Cooper

Mastering Facebook

Day 3 Available in:

Day 4

Ellefson & Johnson

Summit Day 4 Kickoff

Hank Marcacci

Amazon Keywords & Categories for Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Lorraine Johnston

Prompting Chat GPT to Write Better & Faster Fiction

Kimberley Grabas

Define & Attract Your Audience

Damon Courtney

Advantages of Using BookFunnel

Paula Judith Johnson

Adding Romance to Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Day 4 Available in:

Day 5

Ellefson & Johnson

Summit Day 5 Kickoff

Robert Wood Anderson

Tension & Surprising Twists to Hold Interest

& Drive Curiosity

Joshua Dyer

Emotional Arcs for
Character Depth

Hayley Milliman

The Art & Science of Self-Editing

Clayton Noblit

Boosting Sales and Visibility: The Impact of Book Marketing Websites

Kris Safarova

Unlocking the Power of Email Marketing

Ellefson & Johnson

Summit Wrap-up

Day 5 Available in:

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